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Dayton BMHA 2018 Forum and Bike Ride:

Bicycle Mobile Hams of America (The 28th Annual BMHA forum at Hamvention)

Moderator: Mike Nickolaus, NF0N

Bicycle Mobile Hams of America got its start in1989 when a QST article by Hartley Alley, NA0A asked hams who operate their radios while bicycle-mobile to get together and form a group. BMHA hosts a website along with the BMHA Yahoo Groups forum.

Forum Topic: Keith Miller NE9KM: Review of 2017 BMHA Bicycle Trail Ride

Keith will present the packing, planning, connections, experiences on the trail while riding and working National Parks on the Air. He will have the bike and gear that he used on both the Great Divide and GAP/C&O rides. While he changed the plan he presented last year and did not operate while bike mobile he used the radio for NPOTA during the evening while in camp. This presentation will help others prepare for a several week self supported bike trip.

We plan to have bicycle mobile displays and demonstrations of each will be conducted.

Annual Bike Ride:

News Alert!!! There will be a BMHA Bike Ride at the 2018 Dayton Hamvention. The ride will be Saturday, May 19, 2018 -- starting at 2pm.

Gim Gumbert, NC8Y, will be the ride leader and indicates it will be approximately 20 miles in length with plenty of stops for rest, food, and ice cream.

Try to meet at the starting point around 1:30pm for the ride.

Let's use 145.55 simplex as the talk-in frequency. The starting point is very near to the Hamvention location.

Click on each map to see the full-size image:


DIRECTIONS: The meeting point for the ride will be at the pavilion in Shawnee Park. To get there from the Hamvention site at the fairgrounds:

  • Go east on Fairgrounds Rd./Ankeney Mill Rd. (the road that runs down the south side of the fairgrounds) to the traffic light at US 68/Detroit St.
  • Turn right (south) on Detroit St. and go four blocks to Weaver St., which is on the left (east) side. You will see the National Guard Armory and Shawnee Park on your left.
  • You will also see a pond in the middle of the park, with the Pavilion across the pond. It's hard to miss. That's our planned meeting place.

There are parking spaces all around the park. The Little Miami Scenic Trail runs right down the west side of the park, next to Detroit St.

The planned route will go north to Yellow Springs on this trail. It's a paved asphalt path on a nearly flat former railroad grade.

Plans are to have an easy ride with some short stops to point out some places of historical interest along the way. At the north end of the ride (at about 10.5 miles), we'll have an opportunity to get some food and/or ice cream at Young's Jersey Dairy (you know it's fresh -- the cows are right next door).

Total distance for this out-and-back ride should be around 21 miles.

A couple of links that might be of interest:

Thanks to Jim, NC8Y for organizing the ride this year.

BMHA Secretary/Treasurer and BMHA Forum Chairman
Mike Nickolaus, NF0N

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