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BMHA is an Adventure Cycling Association
 affiliated club

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Hartley Alley NA0A
(Silent Key 2001)

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Members regularly provide radio communication gratis for bicycle tours and similar events. 450 ham and non-ham members in 46 states and six countries. For details and a sample copy of the BMHA NewsLetter, send a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE) to our mailing address.

BMHA does not specially endorse these events, but wants to make you aware of them.

  • HamVention, BMHA Forum on May 22, 2005

The 15th annual BMHA forum is set for Sunday, May 22nd at 8:30 am.  Mike, NF0N will attend and host the forum.
Mike is looking for ideas, speakers and presenters.  Any topic is fair game as long as it is bicycle and/or ham related.
If you would like to volunteer as a speaker at the BMHA forum, please contact Mike NF0N at
Additional details will be posted on this website as the date approaches.

  • GOBA, June 18-25, 2005

You may be aware, the Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure is the largest family oriented week long bicycle tour in the U.S.   This year will be its 17th year.

Because of the size of our bicycle mobile operation, we maintain a near 5 minute response time from call to squad on the site. We continually look for ways to reduce that. The volunteer bicycle mobile hams are the front line communication link between the riders and help. The more we have, the shorter that delay between injury and aid. For this group of uniquely suitable hams, it's their mission for the week between Father's Day and Field Day in June, every year.

As you may recall me mentioning before, Hartley was instrumental in getting us up and running 17 years ago. That's how he and I got to know each other. We saw it as an elete group. Those who could be depended on, could be counted on in an emergency to do the best thing because they'd done it before. 

In fact, Hartley edited my article on bicycle mobile emergency communications that was in CQ-VHF.

We thought this corps could then teach others, because it's a unique operating situation under which only hams qualify. 

But enough of the background. 

I wanted to get to as many bicycle mobile hams as possible to just let them know about GOBA and the role they would play should they decide to see if they have what it takes to run all out as a bicycle mobile ham for a week. 

We view it as the ultimate emergency preparedness test. These are the people who get the real experience. In a national emergency these are the folks who would be looked to as they have the experience of handling the communications for a transient town of 3,000 that moves 50 or so miles a day. 

Imagine the training a ham would get from just experiencing GOBA as a bicycle mobile operator one time. 

Because of our size and needs we think at this point there are more bicycle mobile hams operating during GOBA than at any other time, anywhere in the country. There's so many of us, GOBA usually treats us to dinner one night so we can all get together and have an eyeball. 

More information at

  • 2005 Bike Northwoods Tour, June 18 to June 25, 2005

    The Bike Northwoods Tour (formerly the Northwoods to Capitol Tour). This tour is a fund raiser for cycling organizations in Wisconsin. And we couldn't do it with out all our HAMS!

    2005 Bike Northwoods Tour Info
    STATE:  Wisconsin
    RIDE NAME:  Bike Northwoods Tour
    DATES 2005:  June 18 to June 25, 2005
    TOUR DIRECTOR:  Kathy Schramm
    RIDE ADDRESS:  PO Box 3142
    CITY:  Madison
    STATE:  Wisconsin
    ZIP:  53704-0142
    TELEPHONE:  608-244-6598
    FAX:  608-244-6380
    COST OF RIDE:  $200 - $260, options are extra
    STARTING POINT:  Wautoma, WI
    COST INCLUDES:  Your choice of indoor or outdoor camping, showers, Northwoods T-shirt, safety triangle, daily maps and cue sheets, daily Sag and luggage support, cool nighttime entertainment, bike tag, mechanical support, daily check-in rest stop, marked cycling route, and tons of fun! 
    DISTANCE:  360 miles
    DAILY AVERAGE;  60 miles/day
    RIDER LIMIT:  390 Participants
    BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Registration begins on Saturday June 18th in Wautoma with biking to start on Sunday June 19th.    Starting in Wautoma amid the beautiful Wisconsin countryside, cyclists will pedal up through the glacial hills and forests of central and northern Wisconsin to the shores of Chequamegon Bay on Lake Superior.   This tour is planned for six days of cycling with an average of 60 miles/day, totaling about 360 miles. Tour is suited to those in good cycling condition who exercise on a regular basis, with pre-tour conditioning on hill climbing. The route will be marked and cyclists will have cue sheets with maps to guide them along the way.. Tour cost is $200 - $260; meal plan, motor coach and entertainment options are extra. Cost includes camping, showers, T-shirt, safety triangle, daily maps, sag and luggage support, rest stop, and tons of fun! Tour will fill, so sign up today!
    TERRAIN :  Grades of terrain vary from flat to rolling hills
    SAG SUPPORT:  Yes, fully supported with volunteer medical staff, sags, mechanics, HAM operators.
    FREEBIES:  T-shirt, safety triangle

  • BMHA Invited by HFpack to join their "On the Air" Schedule:

BMHA members have been invited by a very active group, HFpack, to join them in their "On the Air" schedule.  There is a natural association between our groups and this invitation to share has the potential to expand both groups' activities.

HFpack, the HF Portable Group, has on-the-air activity which is perfect for HF bicycle mobile and invites BMHA to utilize the HFpack calling frequencies.

HFpack always gives priority to pedestrian, bicycle, portable, and QRP operators.  Bases and mobiles of any power level are also welcome to join the fun.  The primary calling frequency 18157.5 kHz is active at all times of the day, 7 days / week.  There is more daily activity presently for the 22:30Z group in North America.  The Saturday schedule is global and usually has about 40 or more operators on the air worldwide at any given time.  Sunday is also a big day for the HFpack.  There are usually some base stations on the weekend who help keep the frequency clear for the lower powered stations.

HFpack Schedule
          22:30Z = 18157.5 kHz USB (CW=+700Hz)
          16:30Z = 18157.5 kHz USB (CW=+700Hz)
          17:00Z = 14342.5 kHz USB (CW=+700Hz)
          22:30Z = 18157.5 kHz USB (CW=+700Hz)
          23:00Z = 14342.5 kHz USB (CW=+700Hz)

There are HFpack calling frequencies on every ham band.  If 19157.5 is busy, we QSY +/- 5kHz to 18152.5 or 18162.5.

For more information about HFpack and the HFpack frequencies:

Detailed information of the forum events will appear in the next issue of the BMHA Newsletter.  The forum theme for the Dayton HamVention this year is "Emergency Communications".  If you would like to volunteer as a speaker at our BMHA forum with a topic that follows this theme, please contact Mike at NF0N@ARRL.NET.  We should follow this theme as closely as we can.

Plans are also forming for the Annual HamVention BMHA Bike Ride on May 18th.  Make plans to bring your bike and ride with us.  Watch the newsletter and this website for details.

  • Ian G3ZHI writes:

 I am very interested in making bicycle-mobile contacts using Internet relays.  Please go to to see if there is an IRLP repeater near you that is linked to the UK via the Internet.  If there is, then let's make a sked for a bike/bike QSO!


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