Bicycle Mobile Hams of America

BMHA is an Adventure Cycling Association
 affiliated club

Our Founder
Hartley Alley NA0A
(Silent Key 2001)

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About BMHA

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For the information of our first-time readers

Bicycle Mobile Hams of America got its start when a 'Stray' in the June '89 QST magazine asked to "get in touch with hams who operate their radios while bicycle-mobile", signed by Hartley Alley, NA0A.  Twenty-five hams responded, filled out questionnaires, and received a summary of the collected data.

In April of '90 we had our first BMHA Forum at the Dayton HamVention.  We played to a packed house, overflowed the room, and added 54 names to our mailing list.  Our eight subsequent forums have drawn increasingly larger audiences, and now BMHA is firmly established as a 'regular' at this world-renowned event.

The BMHA has become the clearinghouse for the exchange of info and ideas for the hams who go on the air from their bicycles.

BMHA membership puts you in touch with a friendly and helpful group of bike-riding hams.  You'll make contacts through our membership directory and E-mail address list, the annual meeting and Forum at the Dayton HamVention and other regional meetings, and of course through the BMHA Newsletter, which has articles on bike trips, antennas, other gear, operating tips, etc.  A membership application is just below this information frame.

BMHA's Official Logo

The next time you need to order new QSL cards, don't forget to include the BMHA logo in your design.  Here's the official logo, as designed by Russ Dwarshuis, KB8U.

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