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BMHA is an Adventure Cycling Association
 affiliated club

Our Founder
Hartley Alley NA0A
(Silent Key 2001)

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Dayton BMHA 2017 Forum and Bike Ride:

Bicycle Mobile Hams of America (The 27th Annual BMHA forum at Hamvention)

Moderator: Mike Nickolaus, NF0N

Bicycle Mobile Hams of America got its start in1989 when a QST article by Hartley Alley, NA0A asked hams who operate their radios while bicycle-mobile to get together and form a group. BMHA hosts a website along with the BMHA Yahoo Groups forum.

Forum Topic: Keith Miller NE9KM: Review of 2017 BMHA Bicycle Trail Ride

Keith will present the packing, planning, connections, experiences on the trail while riding and working National Parks on the Air. He will have the bike and gear that he used on both the Great Divide and GAP/C&O rides. While he changed the plan he presented last year and did not operate while bike mobile he used the radio for NPOTA during the evening while in camp. This presentation will help others prepare for a several week self supported bike trip.

We plan to have bicycle mobile displays and demonstrations of each will be conducted.

Annual Bike Ride:

Plans are forming for a Hamvention bicycle ride on Saturday. Details will be posted when more information is available.

BMHA Forum Chairman
Mike, Nickolaus, NF0N

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