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Dayton BMHA 2010 Forum – Another Great Turnout

This year’s forum was another great one.  We had a great turnout, nearly 100 and had a great program speaker. 

 Arn Grubbs, KA0NCR, the organizer of the Dayton BMHA ride, talked about the 2010 ride and then showed pictures from this years ride.  The weather was great and our turnout doubled from last year.  He did a great job of making it another successful ride and the consensus was to do it again next year.  See the Photo section in Yahoo Groups for the pictures.

Norm Huber, N9ZKS, our newsletter editor talked about the newsletter and his plans.  He also asked for more articles as this is one of the best ways to show what you are doing and to distribute information to the BMHA membership.

Our featured speaker, Barry Bogart, VE7VIE/WV2J, and Barry always has some great experiences to share.  Barry is on tour in the east coast and brought his folding bike to the forum and demonstrated how he has APRS mounted on it along with a special mount for an antenna that uses the bike as a base mount.  See the pictures section for this picture.  He talked about some of his many experiences touring both on the west coast of Canada and other expeditions he has made in various parts of the world.  He had some great pictures.  We wish him the best on his current tour. 

We always ask and promote others to bring their bike or project and speak at the forum.  Bob Curry, KC3VO, brought his special hybrid bicycle with him to the forum and we were able to let him speak and demonstrate his special bike.  It is a combination electric/pedal bike and has some very special ways of running.  You can pedal or use the batteries inside the wheels to drive it.  Braking can assist in recharging the batteries similar to a hybrid car.  Bob also has a 300 watt radio using a backpack amplifier he can use while he rides. 

I was able to take a number of pictures of the forum and the bicycles displayed this year.  Unfortunately my camera didn’t work very good as many of the pictures are fuzzy.  I also uploaded the pictures Arn, KA0NCR, snapped at the BMHA bike ride.  See the Photo section of Yahoo Groups for the pictures.

Another great forum and I look forward to hosting it once again next year.  I fully expect the Hamvention to invite us once again. 

Mike, NF0N

Dayton BMHA 2010 Forum -- The Announcement

Date: May 16, 2010
Time: 9:30
Room: Room 5

The 20th annual BMHA forum is set for Sunday, May 16th at 9:15 am in Room 5.   Mike Nickolaus, NF0N, is our forum moderator this year.  

Our featured speaker is Barry Bogart, VE7VIE/WV2J.  Barry is an experienced tourist and will be on tour while attending the Hamvention.  Barry is riding his folding bike and will be demonstrating his setup complete with APRS. 

We are encouraging anyone to bring their setup and display at the Forum.  We will set aside a portion of the forum time for attendees to roam the room and ask questions, take pictures and learn about how others have setup their bikes with VHF/HF gear and antenna systems.  If anyone would like to present pictures or audio, we will have the necessary viewing equipment available.  Bring your CD/DVD or presentations on removable media.  Computer equipment will be supplied.

There will be a short BMHA business meeting and Q and A if time permits.

Arnie, KA0NCR, the BMHA ride coordinator, will review the annual Hamvention Bike ride from Saturday.  Ride details are forming, see the BMHA website and Yahoo Groups BMHA Group for more.  We are hoping for good cycling weather and to meet many of you on the ride.

See our web site at: or BMHA on Yahoo Groups for any last minute forum changes or additions.

 Room details are shown on the Hara Arena map below.

The Dayton Hamvention website is located at:

Mike Nickolaus, NF0N

See you at Dayton!

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