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BMHA forum at Hamvention 2003 !

[click here for information about the twelfth annual BMHA bike ride]

The 13th annual BMHA forum is set for Sunday, May 18th at 8:00 am in Room 2.  This is the same location we have held the forum the last few years.  We have been allocated only one hour from 8:30-9:30, but as in past years, we find the room is unoccupied at 8:00.  We will meet informally in the room for the first half hour.  The official forum will start at 8:30 am.  This arrangement gives us plenty of time to socialize and exchange ideas.

Our BMHA forum featured speaker is  John Cumming VE3JC.  John will be presenting “Bicycle Mobile Antennas - Past, Present and Future”.  John has been a forum speaker several times and it is a real honor to have him share some of his experiences and expertise with us again.  Here is a brief introduction to his presentation:

“Bicycle Mobile Hams face unique challenges in their quest for practical,
effective bike antenna systems. The groundrules for designing back yard
fixed station antennas, or even antennas for mobile operation in the
family minivan, need to be adapted significantly when it comes to
bicycle mobile operation! We strive to improve antenna efficiency, but
recognize that our antenna must not jeopardize riding safety. We want
our antenna to be versatile, but not temperamental. And we know that
the most efficient antenna is not of much use if it can't hold up to the
bumps in the road.

In this forum, we will look back on antenna innovations by BMHA
members over the years. We will review recent developments in compact
efficient bicycle-friendly antennas, and will dream about future antenna
possibilities. Practical suggestions for both hf and vhf bicycle mobile
antennas will be presented”.

See you at Dayton!

Forum Moderator Mike Nickolaus, NF0N

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