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Report on the BMHA forum at Hamvention 2002 !

Just a few notes about Dayton and BMHA.  We had a nice day for the BMHA bike ride.  Jim, NC8Y, as usual, did a super job in organizing the ride.  I personally have done this ride 3 years now and it's really a nice break from walking the Hamvention floor and flea market.  My noon on Saturday, my feet are so tired I am ready to drop.  The ride is a nice friendly break from it.  Plus I usually have spent way too much anyway.  We had about 7 riders and one support vehicle this year.  A little cool but no rain, just a nice group and good ride again.
At our BMHA forum, we had one of the best turnout's we have ever had.  We filled the room and although I didn't get an accurate count, I know it was 100+.  Bonnie, KQ6XA and W3FF of the HFPack group were in attendance along with a good number of HFPacker's.  The close association between BMHA and HFPack I think has the opportunity for both groups.  We have many similiar interests and many of them are bicyclers also.  W3FF is the maker of the "Buddy Pole" which is a very interesting antenna and very lightweight and transportable even on a bike.  He spoke for a few minutes and introduced Bonnie, KQ6XA, moderator of the Yahoogroups, HFPack.  She had a warm personal welcome to BMHA'ers to join them on 18157, which is the meeting place for HFpacker's, bicycle mobiles and generally those who are running low power.  I have listened and have heard a number of bicyclers, BMHA'ers and HFPackers. 
We had 2 speakers from BMHA, Russ, KB8U, who did his usual great job and Jim, NC8Y, who had some very nice pictures from past years BMHA ride.  He also had a few of Hartley when he was at the ride.
All in all I think it was another success.  Scott, I will have to be sure to get an article to you about it.
I did have copies of the inaugral issue of the BMHA Newsletter,  Vol. 1,  Issue 1.  I brought a number of extra back issues and sold them for a donation of $.50 each.  We added about #13 to the treasury.
Hope you are all on the bike.  I have about 1300 miles so far and last week in June will be in Wyoming doing a self-contained ride in Southeastern and Southern Wyoming.  I will be riding my recumbent, pulling a new Burley Nomad trailer with my gear. 
73-Mike, NF0N
p.s. In a week, we have the first Midwest BMHA rally at the Midwest/Dakota ARRL Convention here in South Sioux City, NE.  Two of us will be showing our recumbent bikes outfitted with radio's, antenna's and BMHA literature.  We will host a forum and talk about BMHA and show our stuff.  Then it's off on the "Ride to the Park".  It's a 2 block ride but a 2 block return trip so an exhausting 4 blocks.  Hope to get some pictures maybe for an article in the Newsletter.


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