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(Silent Key 2001)

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Bicycle Mobile Hams of America Organizational Announcement

Bicycle Mobile Hams of America ( BMHA ) proudly announces a change to our organization.

Since it’s founding in 1989 by Hartley Alley, NA0A, BMHA has been a premier information source for Bicycle Mobile Hams through our newsletter for members based on a yearly membership fee. Although BMHA hosts a web based information site along with sponsoring a group on Yahoo Groups, yearly membership dues have supported the organization since 1990.

After several years of discussion and efforts to secure a new newsletter editor, we are announcing the entrance to a purely web based newsletter made available to all. We will suspend yearly dues as long as our funding can be maintained with the current treasury.

For those in the last several years who supported BMHA with yearly membership dues, we plan to afford each with a CD-ROM containing all past issues of the BMHA Newsletter. The issues have already become a great source of information containing ideas and articles of interest to all BMHA’ers. This is a great reward to those who have supported BMHA for many years. We will be making these available by mailing a copy to each member at no charge.

The first new web based issue is planned to be made available in the first half of 2007 and will be placed on the BMHA website. Any current paid members will already be authorized to view this and all future issues. Others wishing to view the current and future issues will need to complete a short registration screen. No membership dues will be required and you will be able to view and download all issues.

Each newsletter will be placed on the BMHA website for members and shortly thereafter on the Yahoo Groups BMHA group site for all group members.

To continue the information flow, we ask that you submit articles you would like published to our newsletter editor, N9ZKS, NF0N or the BMHA webmaster. All articles and information will be considered for inclusion in the web newsletter. Please submit articles to one of the following: 

Thanks for your support and we hope BMHA continues to be a great source of information for each of you.

Board of Directors, Bicycle Mobile Hams of America

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