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BMHA is an Adventure Cycling Association
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Our Founder
Hartley Alley NA0A
(Silent Key 2001)

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BMHA Home Page

Where to go for discussion and help


  • BMHA 2018 Dayton Forum and Bike Ride

    Our 28th Annual BMHA forum at the HamVention.

    BMHA will have a forum at the 2018 Dayton Hamvention. Date is May 20, 2018 at 9:15 for one hour.

    Bike ride on Saturdya May 19th at 2:00. Details at our BMHA 2018 Forum link.

    BMHA Forum Chairman and moderator
    Mike, Nickolaus, NF0N

  • Check out the Huntsville Bicycle Ham Group

  • BMHA 2017 Dayton Forum

    Our 27th Annual BMHA forum at the HamVention.

    Forum: Keith Miller KE9KM reviews the 2017 BMHA Bicycle Trail Ride.
    Please see our 2017 Dayton Forum page for details.

    BMHA Forum Chairman and moderator
    Mike, Nickolaus, NF0N

  • BMHA 2016 Dayton Forum was a success

    We had another successful BMHA Forum at the Dayton Hamvention in 2016. Our attendance was over 60 and we had two bicycles on display.

    Our main speaker was planned to be Jeff Slattery, N8SUZ, and unfortunately he had a serious medical issue in the family at the last minute. Jeff is the communications director for the Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure (GOBA) and was able to send me his presentation. I presented his material so all were able to see what the Ham's do for GOBA each year. It is a major effort on the part of the Ham's on the GOBA team along with local support along the way. Jeff and his team should be congratulated on the job they do each year.

    Keith Miller, KE9KM, brought his bicycle and demonstrated his mobile setup he is working on for a week trip he planning to ride this summer. Keith has a count he had custom made for his Elecraft KX3 and will now modify for his new Elecraft KX2. He talked and demostrated his grounding and antenna system.

    We had another bicycle setup from Steve, D'Amico, KC8QVO. Steve has a VHF/UHF radio along with antenna and solar power to charge batteries. He had a number of interested parties.

    We may have several of our attendees indicate they might be interested in being on the program for next year. The Hamvention Program Chariman has indicated to me that we can have a forum on Sunday almost every year we want.

    All had a good time and good trip home, maybe again next year.

    BMHA Forum Chairman
    Mike, Nickolaus, NF0N

  • Notes from earlier BMHA forums at the Dayton HamVention

  • Spring 2010 Newsletter (most recent)

  • The Spring 2009 newsletter is available

  • Some interesting sites


GRABAAWR, Bike Northwoods, SAGBRAW

Follow the link for more information.

  • Lucky Winners

BMHA is an affiliated Bicycle Club of Adventure Cycling.  We received two vouchers for a one year membership to Adventure Cycling to be given to two of our members.

A drawing was held on the affiliated BMHA Yahoo!Group and the lucky winners are WD8PVB and KE4LWT/KD5YBF.  Congratulations!

We also received several copies of a special edition of Adventure Cycling.  Congratulations to  Chris Fanning, N7NET, N3VHJ, W8HI and WD8RIF

  • The 2008 Dayton HamVention was a success

    Mike, NF0N writes:
    Just a quick update on the BMHA forum at Dayton. We had about 50-60 attend which is a good turnout on Sunday morning. Both speakers, Jim, W5AOX and Norm, N9ZKX did a great job and there was lotís of interest in their bikes with APRS. Both had their bikes on display. I presented a short update on BMHA past and future.

    To me it looked like a smaller turnout this year and there were more empty spaces in the outdoor flea market than prior years. Inside exhibits were down also but all the major dealers and manufactures were there. This was even my year to win one of the hourly door prizes, about 5 ARRL publications.

    View Mike's presentation (PDF format)

  • Misellaneous

  • All 48 past issues of the BMHA newsletter are now indexed and searchable.  Click the "newsletters" link in the "content" section on the left.

  • The latest newsletter is now available and free to all hams.  It will be delivered (electronically or via mail) to paid BMHA members, and has been announced on the Yahoo!Group.  As usual, in the future newsletters will be available to paid-up members.

  • All past issues of the BMHA Newsletter have been scanned and are available on CD.
    For the latest website update, check out our What's New page.


Public Service Announcements

  • Invitation from HFpack

BMHA'ers are invited to join HFpack in their "on the air" activities.  Priority is always given to pedestrian, bicycle, portable, and QRP operators, although base stations and mobiles of any power level are also welcome.

Please see the item on our Events page for schedules and frequencies.

  • Ian G3ZHI writes:

 I am very interested in making bicycle-mobile contacts using Internet relays.  Please go to to see if there is an IRLP repeater near you that is linked to the UK via the Internet.  If there is, then let's make a sked for a bike/bike QSO!

More information is available by following our EVENTS link on the left of this page. 

  • Lifetime Members:

    • Hartley Alley [Silent Key], NA0A (BMHA founder) elected Lifetime Member by the board.

    • Jean Alley (Hartley's wife) also elected Lifetime Member.

    • Hartley and Jean join Mary Duffield (WA6KFA) in this elite status!

  • No other announcements at this time.  Contact the Webmaster to have yours included!

Club Content

Good Press

  • The Big Ride, W6FO
    WorldRadio, September 2000 -- pp 16..18.


Hartley Alley, NA0A passed away in June of 2001 and became a Silent Key.   Hartley was the founder of the BMHA, and served as its Chairman for the first twelve years.

   The full obituary   


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