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Silent Key -- Chris Charron, K0PE, ex-WB0RSW

We can't list every Silent Key, but some have made exceptional contribution and are worth special mention.

Chris Charron K0PE Silent Key

We lost a good friend, bicycling buddy and Ham Radio friend last Friday, March 25, 2016. Chris was only 55 when he passed away. He was in PA visiting family and riding bike near Gettysburg. Chris was a BMHA member, long time RAGBRAI rider and supporter, authoring a website called "Virtual RAGBRAI" for many years. Chris was a presenter at several BMHA Hamvention forums and assisted Hartley, NA0A, for several years at the forums.

I will always remember Chris as the person who I rode many bicycle trips together and at everyone of the rides, something big always happened. Never a dull moment.

Chris and I organized a team for RAGBRAI in 1989 which became called Team Megacycles, and is still a RAGBRAI team. Chris organized each yearly ride and I was able to provide the RV each year.

For those who would like to see more about Chris, the RAGBRAI website,, has a tribute to him and a number of posts about Chris.

Rest in peace Chris, one can never forget such a person.

Chris Charron, K0PE, ex-WB0RSW


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